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Food and Nutrition

Lunch info 2021-2022:

During the current school year, the USDA will reimburse National School Lunch programs for all school lunches served throughout the nation.  Our parents are not responsible for paying for lunch this school year, however, parents are still obligated to pay for extras purchased by their child (ren). At St. Ignatius school, the only extras that our students may purchase is juice at a cost of 50 cents per day. We encourage parents to set up an online account at

Even though parents will not be paying for lunches this year, I ask that if you may be eligible for free or reduced lunch that you complete the application found on the website  Our Title I tutoring program is funded based on the number of students who qualify for free/reduced lunch so it's imperative to maintain funding to have parents still complete the applications.  This will also help to have families qualified should the USDA change their policies and not reimburse for lunches.

If you child has a medical condition that requires special lunches, a new form must be completed each year, please see attached.  It is the policy of the diocese that students eat lunches provided unless a medical condition prevents otherwise.  All forms are approved/disapproved by the diocese.

If you have any questions concerning the lunch program, please contact our Cafeteria Manager, Susan Mervin at 337-662-3069 or

Free & Reduced Lunch Application

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