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Clever Portal

Use Clever to access all school links for textbooks, teacher pages and apps. This includes AR testing site, iRead and more.

AR Due Dates


  • Summer Testing Due by August 10th (grade goes into 1st nine weeks report card)

  • 1st AR Period August 16th - November 5th (11 weeks)  1st AR Incentive, Friday, November 12th (grade goes into 2nd nine weeks report card)

  • 2nd AR Period November 8th - January 28th (12 weeks)  2nd AR Incentive, Friday, February 4th (grade goes into 3rd nine weeks report card)

  • 3rd AR Period February 7th - April 29th (12 weeks)   3rd AR Incentive, Friday, May 6th (grade goes into 4th nine weeks report card)


Library Links

For more information contact the librarian

Mrs. Kalyn Benoit


Summer Requirements

Reading a Book

Click on the link above for information on book assignments.

Summer Math

Students entering K-7th grade will receive a Math workbook with a subset of problems assigned to complete during the summer for a grade. Contact the office for more information.

Math Class
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